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Contributions where MUSEN system has been used

  1. MUSEN: An open-source framework for GPU-accelerated DEM simulations (2020).
    M. Dosta, V. Skorych, SoftwareX 12.
  2. Influence of pores arrangement on stability of photonic structures during sintering (2020)
    M. Dosta, K. Furlan, V. Skorych, S. Heinrich, R. Janssen, J. of Europ. Cer. Soc. 40, 4562-4571.
  3. Advanced approach for saving of simulation results from discrete element method (2019)
    S. Dranishnykov, M. Dosta, Advances in Engineering Software 136.
  4. DEM analysis of breakage behavior of bicomponent agglomerates (2019).
    M. Dosta, M. Weber, V. Schmidt, S. Antonyuk, In S. Antonyuk, Ed.: Particles in Contact.
  5. Modelling of mechanical behavior of biopolymer alginate aerogels using the bonded-particle model (2019)
    M. Dosta, K. Jarolin, P. Gurikov, Molecules 24 (14).
  6. Towards multi-scale modeling of proteins and bio-agglomerates: An orientation-sensitive diffusion model for the integration of Molecular Dynamics and the Discrete Element Method (2019)
    P. N. Depta, U. Jandt, M. Dosta, A.-P. Zeng, S. Heinrich, J. of Chemical Information and Modeling 59 386-398.
  7. Application of micro computed tomography for adjustment of model parameters for discrete element method (2018)
    M. Dosta, U. Bröckel, L. Gilson, S. Kozhar, G.K. Auernhammer, S. Heinrich, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 135, 121-128.
  8. High-contrast structural color with core-shell particles via recipocal space engineering (2018)
    G. Shan, L. Maiwald, H. Renner, D. Jalas, M. Dosta, S. Heinrich, A. Petrov, M. Eich, Nature: Scientific Reports 8, Article number 7804.
  9. Compartmental residence time estimation in batch granulators using a colourimetric image analysis algorithm and Discrete Element Modelling (2017)
    A.D. McGuire, K.F. Lee, M. Dosta, S. Mosbach, J.-G. Rosenboom, S. Heinrich, M. Kraft, Advanced Powder Techn. 28, 2239-2255.
  10. Simulation-based investigation of core-shell agglomerates: influence of spatial heterogeneity in particle sizes on breakage characteristics (2017)
    M. Weber, A. Spettl, M. Dosta, S. Heinrich, V. Schmidt, Comput. Materials Science 137, 100-106.
  11. Development of a multi-compartment population balance model for high-shear wet granulation with Discrete Element Method (2017)
    K.F. Lee, M. Dosta, A.D. McGuire, S. Mosbach, W. Wagner, S. Heinrich, M. Kraft, Comput. and Chem. Eng. 99, 171-184.
  12. Numerical and experimental analysis of influence of granule microstructure on its compression breakage (2016)
    M. Dosta, S. Dale, S. Antonyuk, C.R. Wassgren, S. Heinrich, J.D. Litster, Powder Technology 299, 87-97.
  13. Bonded-particle extraction and stochastic modeling of internal agglomerate structures (2016)
    A. Spettl, S. Bachstein, M. Dosta, M. Goslinska, S. Heinrich, V. Schmidt, Adv. Powder Techn. 27, 1761-1774.
  14. Discrete element simulation of metal ceramic composite materials with varying metal content (2016)
    R. Besler, M.R. da Silva, M. Dosta, S. Heinrich, R. Janssen, J. of the Europ. Ceramic Soc. 36, 2245-2253.
  15. Simulation of high temperature behavior of periodic macro porous alumina (2015)
    R. Besler, M. Rossetti, M. Dosta, S. Heinrich, R. Janssen, J. of the Amer. Ceramic Soc. 26, 1021-1030.
  16. DEM simulations of amorphous irregular shaped micrometer-sized titania agglomerates at compression (2015)
    S. Kozhar, M. Dosta, S. Antonyuk, S. Heinrich, L. Gilson, U. Bröckel. Adv. Powder Techn.26, 767-777.
  17. Statistical investigation of agglomerate breakage based on combined stochastic microstructure modeling and DEM simulations (2015)
    A. Spettl, M. Dosta, S. Antonyuk, S. Heinrich, V. Schmidt. Adv. Powder Techn. 26, 1021-1030.
  18. Parameter estimation for the flowsheet simulation of solids processes (2014)
    M. Dosta, S. Antonyuk, E.-U. Hartge, S. Heinrich, Chemie Ingenieur Technik 86, 1-8.
  19. Multiscale simulation of agglomerate breakage in fluidized beds (2013)
    M. Dosta, S. Antonyuk, S. Heinrich, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52, 11275-11281.